Update on Partner America: The Mayor’s Small Business Initiative

Update on Partner America: The Mayor’s Small Business Initiative

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch summarized Partner America™ best when he said, “Small businesses are the engine of growth for cities and towns across America. They stabilize our neighborhoods, create jobs and serve our communities. In Bridgeport, we’re working with Partner America™ to provide our small businesses with a wealth of tools and information to help them thrive and succeed.”

Partner America™ is a public-private partnership that was created by The United States Conference of Mayors and American Management Services, Inc (AMS). This program helps small and medium-sized businesses in cities across the nation improve profits and sales through management assistance. Partner America™ is designed to assist mayors in providing the resources and information small businesses need to thrive within their local communities and global economy.

Because of the program’s success and positive impact on cities, the Partner America™ program has been extended, thanks to the dedication of the Conference of Mayors and the generous support of AMS. Conference of Mayors CEO and Executive Director Tom Cochran said, “The Partner America™ program has been extremely successful and we anticipate success throughout the coming years.”

Partner America™ focuses on combining the resources and programs offered by local and federal government agencies with the management and technical expertise provided by private enterprise. The program initiated the compilation and publication of Best Small Business Practices, assisted mayors across the country in hosting small business roundtables and conferences, and helps local companies enjoy sustained growth through increased profits and sales. Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown, who hosted an event in his city, explained, “This is the type of partnership that mayors really need in their cities when it comes to small business. Partner America™ is invaluable and I would encourage every mayor to reach out to Conference of Mayors about this partnership.”

In 1999, AMS was selected to administer Partner America™, and is authorized to offer The Business Survey™ to qualified owners. Since the inception of Partner America™, AMS has conducted over 3500 Business Surveys with companies in virtually every business sector with 70 percent of these being family owned and operated. The Partner America™ Business Survey has helped AMS to target the specific needs of small business, increase profit, and improve management technique. Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard noted, “All businesses need technical assistance, especially small businesses. The Partner America™ program provides resources to help keep companies profitable and growing.”

As the backbone of the national economy, the Conference of Mayors truly understands why communities need successful small businesses. Mayor’s Small Business events, through Partner America™, spread this message to the businesses that can benefit from this program’s information and expertise.

If you have any questions regarding the Partner America™ program, contact Jeff Bean, Managing Director, at 202-446-8140 or send e-mail to jbean@usmayors.org.

PDF: Update on Partner America: The Mayor’s Small Business Initiative

As Managing Director of Partner America™ Jeff works with mayors across
the country to develop small business conferences. He has served as
Regional Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
and Mayor of Fitchburg, MA for 10 years