Small Business Advocate Award: Mayor Michael B. Hancock

Small Business Advocate Award: Mayor Michael B. Hancock

On December 4, 2017, the United States Conference of Mayors and the Partner America Program bestowed Mayor Michael B. Hancock of Denver, ColoradoDenver Colorado Mayor Michael B. Hancock the Small Business Advocate Award for his dedication to the small business community of his city.

Born in Fort Hood, Texas, Mayor Hancock moved to the city of Denver as an infant. After graduating from Manual High School in 1987, he would go on to attend Hastings College in Nebraska, where he earned a political science degree, and The University of Colorado Denver, where he earned a Masters of Arts degree in public administration.

From early in his career, Mayor Hancock has the urge to lend a helping hand to his community from overseeing the first-ever training programs for 11,000 inner-city children at the Denver Housing Authority, to becoming the youngest leader of the Urban League in Denver – the youngest leader in any given chapter in the US.

After serving five years as President of Metro Denver Urban League and moving on to the Denver City Council – where he served two terms as Council President, Mayor Hancock was elected as the fifty-sixth  Mayor of Denver.


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