Mayors and the Small Business Advocate Award

Recognition for Exceptional Work in Promoting Local Small Business Interest

Small Business Advocate AwardRecognizing the indispensable role City Mayors play in the success of local business, the Partner America™ program began the Small Business Advocacy Award initiative. Its sole purpose is to congratulate exceptional mayors for the valuable contributions they’ve made for business, providing them a stage to connect with owners within their communities, and promote growth through networking and education.

Through a Small Business Advocacy Award ceremony, invited guests are given an extraordinary opportunity to connect with their local leadership, and are provided a networking platform from which new relationships with other local businesses can be established. These owners are also given an opportunity to learn more about improving their business management practices, techniques and operational efficiencies through a presentation by a business improvement professional from American Management Services, Inc.

The Partner America™ program was developed by the United States Conference of Mayors and American Management Services, Inc, and is dedicated to providing the information and resources small businesses need to succeed in their local, national and global economies.

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Recent Small Business Advocate Award Events


What Mayors Are Saying About the Partner America Program™

Mayor Andrew Gillum
Tallahassee, FL

Mayor O’Leary & Mayor Ortis
Waterbury, CT / Pembroke Pines, FL

Former Mayor Doug Palmer
Trenton, NJ

Former Mayor Anthony Foxx
Charlotte, NC

Former Mayor Bill Finch
Bridgeport, CT

Mayor Elizabeth Kautz
Burnsville, MN

Former Mayor Alvin Brown
Jacksonville, FL

Former Mayor Don Plusquellic
Akron, OH