Small Business Advocate Award: Mesa Mayor John Giles

Small Business Advocate Award: Mesa Mayor John Giles

On February 15, 2017 the United States Conference of Mayors and the Partner America Program recognized the honorable John Giles, Mayor of the City of Mesa, for his invaluable work in his local small business community.

A native of Mesa, Mayor Giles has overseen a growing economy that has created thousands of jobs, attracting new employers including Apple and Textron Aviation, and seen over $1.5 billion in capital investments throughout the city since his election in 2014.

With a focus on bringing more opportunities to Mesa’s downtown area, Mayor Giles has promoted a “Creative economy with new business and entertainment options,” and has recently announced discussions with Arizona State University to bring a new campus and student housing to the area.

In recognition of his contributions to Mesa’s local business community and economy, Mayor Giles was honored with a Mayor’s Small Business Advocate Award. Mesa City business owners were given an invaluable opportunity to meet and speak with their Mayor, and learned more about opportunities, methods and practices to improve their business from Partner America’s Keynote Speaker, Curtis Cello. Bill Jabjiniak, the city's Economic Development Director, and Sally Harrison, President and CEO of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce.

If you are a City of Mesa business owner who missed the event, but would like to learn more about the methods and practices to improve your business, please call 1-877-778-6726 to schedule an appointment.