Small Business Advocate Award: Mayor Steve Adler

Small Business Advocate Award: Mayor Steve Adler

Mayor Steve Adler of Austin, TX

On May 8th, 2017 the United States Conference of Mayors and the Partner America Program honored Mayor Steve Adler, of Austin, TX, for his dedication to the small business community of his city.

Born in Washington, D.C., Mayor Adler arrived in Austin after completing his undergraduate studies at Princeton and attended law school at The University of Texas.  Mayor Adler practiced civil rights law for many years and served nearly 10 years as Chief of Staff and General Counsel for the Texas State Senate. Continuing his commitment to equity, access, fairness and opportunity, he has chaired many of Austin’s large civic and non-profit boards for over 20 years including the Anti-Defamation league, Texas Tribune, GEN-Austin and Breakthrough. He has made Austin his home for four decades.

Elected Austin’s 52nd Mayor, Steve Adler said; “Great cities do big things, and that is still our agenda moving forward”.  From Leading Austin’s government to a new level of inclusive civic engagement between residents and their elected officials with the historic first 10-1 Council, to the initiation of the Small Business Program, his dedication has been innovative and empowering.  With his support the Small Business Program has fostered job creation and a wealth of information, tools, and resources to strengthen business capability and survivability.

In recognition for his efforts, Mayor Steve Adler received the Small Business Advocate Award.  If you are a business owner in the City of Austin, this was an invaluable opportunity to meet and speak with your Mayor, as well as learn more about small business opportunities, methods and practices. 

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