Lou Mosca Addresses Mayors at the Small Business, Franchising and Entrepreneurship Task Force

Lou Mosca Addresses Mayors at the Small Business, Franchising and Entrepreneurship Task Force

Saved by Technology!

Despite the winter storm and cancelled flights, the Partner America Program, a private/public partnership between American Management Services and The U.S. Conference of Mayors, was still able to give an update at Small Business, Franchising and Entrepreneurship Task Force held during the 82nd Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting.

American Management Services Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Lou Mosca was scheduled to speak at the task force meeting, but his flight was cancelled. With quick action from Conference of Mayors and hotel staff, a live video link was established and Mosca was able to speak and interact with the mayors in the room. Co-Chairs Burnsville Mayor Elizabeth Kautz and Kansas City Mayor Sly James opened the meeting and then turned it over to Mosca to give an update on the Partner America Program.

Mosca encouraged the mayors to focus on their working relationship with small businesses in their communities. “Mayors are the boots on the ground and the only true elected officials who understand and work with the local business community,” Mosca stated. “Small businesses are still struggling and facing issues like access to capital, increasing cost of health care and shrinking profit margins. The Partner America program is a resource that the Conference of Mayors has, which offers solutions and tools to help small business grow and succeed.”

James thanked the Partner America program for helping one of his small businesses in Kansas City that was struggling and thanks to the efforts of the Partner America program the business is now on the path to profitability and growth. Kautz reminded each of the mayor’s present the importance of the value added services Partner America can provide to the small businesses in their cities and to reach out to Mosca to have Partner America provide help and assistance.

The session ended with Mosca providing each of the mayors in attendance with a copy of the Mayor’s Small Business Best Practices, sharing ways to interact with their small business community and how to incorporate Partner America in their communities.

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